Military Courses


Military Preparation- Complete Weekend 8.

26th-28th July  2024

Snowdonia Mountain Range

£395 including food, accommodation & welcome pack 


Scottish Nomad 2024

06th-11th October 2024

Glencoe - Scotland, UK

£795 including food, kit, transport accommodation & welcome pack 



 Military Adventure Training Weekend

  • Mission Briefing
  • Survival Training
  • Navigation Exercise
  • Climbing
  • Hiking / Yomping
  • Wild Camping (tented accomodation)
  • Unarmed combat coaching
  • Climbing (vertical elements + teamwork)
  • 12 participants only 

What Makes A Military Adventure Training Weekend?

Join a Royal Marines Commandos who have worked around the globe on a variety of military deployments, to complete a military adventure weekend.

This weekend will have military preparation at the heart. Combining phys, navigation, survival yomping and the wilderness, you will get a real taster for military exercise whilst being immersed in the Welsh mountains. 


What to expect

Our elite coaches will share their knowledge, skills of adventure training, whilst giving you a real taste of life on exercise. This weekend is open to anyone wanting to get out of their comfort zone, explore the wilderness and learn basic survival principles for hostile environments. Participants must be comfortable hiking, 'roughing it' and be comfortable learning bushcraft and survival. The majority of the course will be ran in the wilderness, so a kit list will be provided and some necessary equipment provided.


Complete Weekend Package

  • Welcome pack on arrival worth £100+
  • Unarmed combat coaching
  • Survival training
  • Sniper principles
  • Military fitness sessions & coaching
  • 3 days of elite coaching from Royal Marines Commandos
  • Nutrition and recovery
  • Navigation and map reading basics
  • Resilience and mindset coaching
  • Team Building and camaraderie
  • Food and accommodation included
  • Report of performance & areas to improve on completion
  • Fitness coaching techniques for Military pre joining fitness tests



What Makes A Complete Weekend?

Get ahead in your military preparation by signing up for our complete weekend. Former Royal Marines will guide you through military principles and give you a taste of what to expect in training. Gain valuable insight and knowledge to equip yourself for success.

Every element of the weekend is meticulously planned by former Royal Marines who can guide you through incredible military principles and give you a taster of what to expect in military training.




What to expect

Our elite coaches will prepare you for the toughest military training in the world, providing the knowledge, skills, and mindset you need to succeed. No matter where you are with the joining process, join our community of like-minded individuals and get a taste of what's expected while laying the foundation for your journey towards military life.



What can we offer you

Effective military operations rely on mutual respect and trust. As a Royal Marine Commando or soldier, your life depends on your mates. Our weekends provide the building blocks for forging these friendships, so you can learn to rely on each other for morale and support during even the darkest days.




Our core values

Excellence, integrity, self‑discipline, and humility are our values, along with courage, determination, unselfishness and cheerfulness in the face of adversity. If you think you’ve got what it takes and you want it, we will get you there.


-Week was bangin start to finish really well done

-You should add more options above 'very good' for the value for money section of this form, as honestly, I believe this is one of if not *the* best value for money I've ever had.

-Whole weekend was a blast and I'll be coming again prior to joining

-Just want to wish you all continued success with this project and In all your individual efforts ! And I look forward to relaying some good news in the near future, in regards to my progression to becoming a Royal Marine. GodBless!

-Great set of instructors know how to make it feel real and how to push you past your limits.

-Really enjoyed it and have already recommended it.

-Wouldn’t change a thing, anything added in accordance to what instructors would think beneficial to potential recruits is exactly why we come on the weekends.

-Tommo really helped with map reading and put in extra time to help me understand which really helped (thank you!)

-I thought about stopping but the coaches motivated me to keep my legs moving.

-The thing I learnt most was: Everything has to end, no matter how mentally intense the exercise